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Bluebird in the snow. Photo by Pam FordIn the June 1977 issue of National Geographic, Dr. Larry Zeleny's article "Song of Hope for the Bluebird," with photography by Michael L. Smith generated such a response that Dr. Zeleny met with some of his friends and formed the North American Bluebird Society (NABS) in the state of Maryland. Years later, the organization headquarters moved away and Maryland was left with no other local organization working specifically for the Bluebird.

In order to fill this void, several bluebird enthusiasts met to form the new Maryland Bluebird Society (MBS.) On March 7, 2004 the first meeting of MBS took place. Officers and Directors were elected and a website was created. From this small and humble beginning, we hope to launch an active program for the conservation of the Eastern Bluebird and other cavity nesting species in Maryland and beyond.

So with that note of history, welcome to the Maryland Bluebird Society - a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to the Eastern Bluebird!

Mission and Purpose

The mission of the Maryland Bluebird Society is to:

  • assist in monitoring and increasing the population of the Eastern Bluebird and other cavity nesting birds by educating and informing our members and the public about Bluebirds,
  • support research on the Bluebird and its habitat, and
  • cooperate with other organizations with similar conservation purposes.

Join Us!

We encourage you to join the Maryland Bluebird Society as member and become involved in our conservation efforts as they develop. Membership is open to all who are interested in Bluebird conservation, regardless of where they live! Visit our Membership page for details. MBS Brochure available.


MBS is on Facebook.  Click on the logo left to find us on Facebook!



The Maryland Bluebird Society is affiliated with NABS (The North American Bluebird Society.)  Click on the logo left to go to NABS website


The "egg" logo of the Maryland Bluebird Society was designed for the Society by John Corgan, a founding Board Member of MBS.

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