The Maryland Bluebird Society was formed by dedicated bluebirders and had its first meeting in March of 2004.  The current directors and officers are listed below.

Maryland Bluebird Society 2019 – 2021 Board of Governors 


President:  Kathy Kremnitzer
Vice President:  Jodi Hewitt
Secretary:  Jenny Hendershot
Treasure:  Bonnie Bell
Immediate Past President:  Stan Fisher

Fawzi Emad
Ed Escalante
E. Diane Seward
Matt Storms
Anne Sturm
Dr. William H. Roberts, Jr.

Director-Elects (to be approved at the Sept. 2019 Membership meeting)

Beth Fisher
Heather Zindash
Dana Grayson
Karen Unruh
Lisa Fair
Lynne Detar-Assal

Emeritus Board Members:
J. Pamela Ford
Jeff Ford

Committee Chairs:
County Coordinator-Ed Escalante
Facebook-Matt Storms, Jodi Hewitt, Jenny Hendershot, Kathy Kremnitzer
Newsletter-Dana Grayson
Photography-Jenny Hendershot
Website-Kathy Kremnitzer/Webmaster-Cherie Layton

Maryland Bluebird Society Founding Members:
Fawzi Emad, Ed Escalante, Mary Scholl, Pam Ford, Jeff Ford, Diane Seward, Jacalyn Thomas, David Magness, John Corgan, Paul Kilduff, Debi Klein, Michael L. Smith