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The Maryland Bluebird Society was formed by dedicated bluebirders and had its first meeting in March 2004.  The current directors and officers are listed below.

Maryland Bluebird Society Board of Governors, 2015-2017.


President - Stan Fisher
Vice President - Jodi Hewitt
Secretary - Beth Fisher
Treasurer -  Bonnie Bell

Board Members

Fawzi Emad - Board Member
Ed Escalante - Board Member
Bill Roberts - Board Member
Anne Sturm - Board Member
Matt Storms - Board Member
Jenny Hendershot - Board Member
Diane Seward - Board Memeber
Kathy Kremnitzer - Board Member - Immediate Past President

Emeritus Board Members

J. Pamela Ford
Jeff Ford

Committee Chairs

Facebook - Matt Storms, Jodi Hewitt, Jenny Hendershot, Kathy Kremnitzer
Education - vacant
Research - vacant
Newsletter Editor - Kathy Kremnitzer
Historian - vacant
County Coordinators: Ed Escalante
Photography - Jenny Hendershot
Web Site - Fawzi Emad

Maryland Bluebird Society Founding Members

Fawzi Emad, Ed Escalante, Mary Scholl, Pam Ford, Jeff Ford, Diane Seward, Jacalyn Thomas, David Magness, John Corgan, Paul Kilduff, Debi Klein, Michael L. Smith

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