The MBS County Coordinator program offers “boots on the ground” assistance to our members and we are ready to help you with issues such as where and how to set up a nestbox, what to do about house sparrows and other predators, how to figure out if your nesting has been abandoned.  Our coordinators are always willing to listen and to share their knowledge and experience with you.

If you do not see your county on this listing, it is because we do not currently have a volunteer willing to serve.  If you are interested in representing your county as a coordinator, please contact us.

County NameCoordinatorEmailPhone
Anne ArundelAnn (443) 758-5324
BaltimoreMatt Storms 686-2089H
(410) 952-4019C
CalvertLori Sampson (301) 717-8795
CarrollFelicia Lovelett (301) 801-1969
Jodi Hewitt (410) 302-7266
Cecil Maryanne Dolan 350-9197
CharlesDebbie 751-4871
DorchesterGeorge Radcliffe 228-7670
FrederickKathy Kremnitzer 676-9371
Dana 446-4895
HarfordPam 569-2205
HowardFelicia Lovelett (301) 801-1969
KentKaren (410) 404-0155
MontgomeryEd Escalante 972-3241
Don 288-4648
Prince George’sVacant
Queen Anne’sVacant
SomersetJanice Ward 614-8318
St. Mary’sBarbara 863-2473
WashingtonJenny (301) 491-8823
WicomicoJanice Ward (443) 614-8318
WorcesterJanice 614-8318