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Bluebird Organizations & Websites

Breeding Bird Survey Summary and Analysis, version 2003.0
Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter
Cornell Lab of Ornithology home page
Nestwatch - a birdhouse monitoring project from Cornell.  Join and enter your monitoring data here.
North American Bluebird Society - promoting the recovery of Bluebirds and other native cavity nesting species
Sialis - all the bluebirding information that can be gathered is gathered here in one website.  Specializes in monitoring tips and resources.
Nestbox Builder - an excellent website for nestbox plans and information, predator controls, tips and lots more!

Other State Bluebird Organizations

The Bluebird Box - Audubon Society of Omaha
Bluebird Society of Pennsylvania
Bluebirds Across Nebraska
Louisiana Bayou Bluebird Society
Massachusetts Bluebird Association
New York State Bluebird Society
Ohio Bluebird Society

Texas Bluebird Society
Virginia Bluebird Society


Debi Klein's "The Backyard Naturalist" - Bird Feeding Supplies, Nature Books & Gifts. 17910 Georgia Ave. Olney MD 20832 - (301)924-0024

Bluebird Supplies

Linda Janilla Peterson's Suet Recipe that is good for feeding Bluebirds during winter months. On the Audubon Society of Omaha web site.

Good quality nestbox at a reasonable price is available from this supplier: the wood pecker. You can buy the kit or ready made boxes and feeders as well as many other bird supplies.

Birding Organizations

eBird - a joint project between Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Audubon where you can record and access birding observations.  You can also record life lists here
The Maryland Ornithological Society - a non-profit statewide organization of people who are interested in birds and nature.

Bird Photography

Arlene Ripley's Nestbox - a website celebrating nature
Wendell Long's Photographs

Member Sites and Links

Robin's Bumblebee Blog - Garden and food writer Robin Ripley is co-author of Grocery Gardening and has a cookbook in development. Bumblebee is about her life in rural Maryland, her garden, cooking, dogs and pet chickens. She also blogs about food and chickens at http://eggsandchickens.com

Fawzi Emad's Bluebirds - A site detailing Fawzi's bluebird nestboxes, bluebird equipment and bluebird photos.

Paul Kilduff's Bluebirds - A set of links leading to contributions by MBS Founding Member Paul Kilduff.

John C's Bluebird Population Recovery site (site being moved - fall 2010) -  focusing on the population recovery of Bluebirds and other native cavity nesters

Other Local Conservation Organizations

Accokeek Foundation - established to preserve the land across the Potomac from Mount Vernon. Practices and teaches land stewardship and sustainable use of natural resources.  Their Bluebird trail has been in operation for 15 years fledging hundreds of bluebirds.

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