Useful Links and Resources

Bluebird Organizations and Websites

North American Bluebird Society (NABS)-promoting the recovery of bluebirds and other native cavity-nesting birds.  Downloadable fact sheets, nestbox plans and links to affiliated organizations throughout North America

Sialis– a comprehensive source of bluebird information all on one website!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology– their home page.

NestWatch-a birdhouse monitoring project from Cornell where you can report your nesting data.

Nestbox Builder– an excellent resource for nestbox plans and information, predator controls, etc.

e-bird – a joint project between Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Audubon where birding observations can be accessed and recorded.

The Maryland Ornithological Society– a non-profit statewide organization for those interested in birds and nature.

Other State Organizations

Virginia Bluebird Society
Bluebird Society of Pennsylvania
North Carolina Bluebird Society
Ohio Bluebird Society
New York State Bluebird Society
Texas Bluebird Society
Bluebirds Across Nebraska

Note:  for more state/regional bluebird organizations, visit the North American Bluebird Society’s website to view their Affiliate listing.

 Facebook Pages for Bluebirders
Maryland Bluebird Society
North American Bluebird Society
Eastern Bluebird Landlords  (closed group/request to join)
Bluebird-L  (public group)
Managing House Sparrows  (closed group/request to join)
Bluebird Anonymous  (public group)

Other Sites and Links

Wendell Long’s Photographs
Fawzi Emad’s Bluebirds
Paul Kilduff’s Bluebirds  (PDF Download)