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The Maryland Bluebird Society (MBS) assists in monitoring and increasing the population of the Eastern Bluebird and other cavity nesting birds by educating and informing our members and the public about Bluebirds.  Below are a few short videos with sound and a sound clip.  Please click on the links below to activate.

We also have a live video Bluebird website maintained by MBS member John Wachter at this link.  This is a dual live video feed, 24/7, 365 days a year!  When the Bluebirds are not active in the nesting box, we show live video of John's bird feeders.  The nestbox is illuminated with infrared lights to allow viewing the nest at night.  If the webcam is not up and running, please refresh your screen and/or try again in a few moments.  John can be reached here.

Episode Title Description and Document attributes
Western Bluebirds at Fawzi's orchard  Click here. These Western Bluebirds are in Fawzi's orchard in California.  Several short videos are on the link to the left, all were photographed in the 2012 breeding season.
Boy scout troop 470 monitoring their trail. To see the video click here. Boy scouts with their leaders go about monitoring boxes on their trail, May 30, 2012. 13 minutes.
Video showing babies fed inside the nest box and the father removing the "fecal sac."  Click here. Father Western Bluebird feeding babies inside the nestbox.  He then goes inside the box to remove the white fecal sac thus keeping the nest clean.  By Marv Parker, Sebastopol, CA. June 27, 2010. 25 sec.
A short video on You-Tube
Click on the link above to see it
With help from adults, a child inspects an Eastern Bluebird nest box in Potomac, MD with young babies in it. May 12, 2007. 32 secs: 1.38 MB wmv file.
Bluebird and Nestling Sounds
Click on the link above to hear it
Eastern Bluebird feeding its babies and recorded at its nest box in Potomac, MD. The parent makes 3 types of calls and the babies can be heard begging for food. June 8, 2007. 31 secs: 247K mp3 file


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